Arteriocyte is now a part of Isto Biologics.

About Isto

Isto is a unique orthobiologics company, developing breakthrough technologies that are deeply rooted in biology for spine and orthopedics.

Pioneering Orthobiologics

Changing the Standard of Care

Isto is a team of passionate, dedicated experts who are focused on developing breakthrough orthobiologic products that support the natural healing of the human body. Upon a firm scientific infrastructure, Isto designs novel treatments that are successful and cost-effective, giving new hope to patients suffering from debilitating pain and loss of mobility.


An Accomplished Beginning

For nearly 20 years, Isto has been a visionary in the field of restorative and regenerative medicine, developing patented platform technologies that are giving doctors new ways to provide care.

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About Orthobiologics

Working with the Body’s Momentum

Using cell-based therapies and biomaterials, orthobiologic treatments harness cells and proteins to stimulate healthy and efficient repair.

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About Bone Healing and Fusion

The Importance of Grafts

Bone tissue may have the ability to repair itself, but bone grafts often guide a fuller, better recovery. Often used in spinal fusions and other orthopedic procedures, bone grafts provide bioscaffolds, which help support bone growth in challenging environments where bone doesn’t naturally exist.

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Compliance Program

The Rules that Guide Us

Isto operates within the letter and spirit of all applicable federal and state laws and regulations, as well as relevant industry standards that pertain to our operations.

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A True Purpose

“I am fortunate to work in an industry where I have an opportunity to make a difference in someone’s life every day. I’m even more fortunate to be part of a company whose products truly impact patients. It’s hard for me to imagine working for another company where I would feel and actually see that real impact. Isto has given me true purpose every day.”

—Tapley Holland, Isto National Sales Manager

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