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About Orthobiologics

What is Orthobiologics?

The Next Step in Restorative Medicine

Orthobiologic therapies harness cells and proteins naturally found in human biology to help support efficient regrowth of musculoskeletal tissues, including cartilage, bone, tendons, and ligaments.

The Building Blocks of a New Field

Orthobiologics is a rapidly advancing field that uses cell-based therapies and biomaterials to promote healing. By empowering the body to repair and regenerate itself, orthobiologic treatments offer exciting alternatives to traditional orthopedic options. Compared to the implantation of foreign hardware made of plastic and metal, orthobiologic procedures can be less invasive and more effective at restoring patients to their normal, active lives1.


In recent decades, breakthrough orthobiologic therapies have helped to improve the long-term health of patients suffering from disabling musculoskeletal disorders and injuries. The development of orthobiologic solutions for repairing cartilage and bone has given surgeons alternatives to implanting mechanical adaptations. Promising innovations in orthopedics and spinal surgeries, bone grafting, and tissue regeneration are accelerating healing, reducing hospital visits, shortening stays, and improving lives.

For nearly 20 years, Isto has been a pioneer in the orthobiologic industry. “We’re creating groundbreaking solutions that use the beauty of human chemistry and biology,” explains Isto Senior Director of Clinical Operations Michaela Purcell. “We’re preserving what the body was intended to do in the first place.”

With orthobiologics, Isto is pushing the future of medicine forward in ways that will impact millions of patients suffering from pain and disability, providing new hope for long-lasting relief and restoration.

Restore, not Replace

“We believe the increased use of orthobiologic products is transforming orthopedic medicine by emphasizing regeneration and full restoration of function rather than replacement. Breakthrough solutions capable of restoring full function to damaged joints through biologics rather than through replacement devices or other procedures will significantly advance the practice of orthopedics.”

—Mary Vonesh, Chief Financial Officer

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