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Alliance for Regenerative Medicine Gets New Chairman, Officers, Executive Committee Members

Nov 12, 2014

Edward Lanphier will fill the role of chairman for the Alliance for Regenerative Medicine starting in 2015.

The Alliance for Regenerative Medicine has been going through some major changes lately. For example, in October 2014, the organization merged with the Alliance for Advanced Therapies to create a global association focused on promoting the research, development and marketing of this advanced health care technology. Now, the ARM has another big announcement: It has elected a new chairman, in addition to other important members.

According to a press release, the ARM has chosen Edward Lanphier as its next chairman. Lanphier brings with him ample experience in the field, having most recently served as founder, president and chief executive officer of Sangamo BioSciences, a clinical stage biopharmaceutical company that concentrates on the research and development in DNA-binding proteins for the production of alternative therapeutic strategies, such as gene modification. Lanphier will take the place of former president and CEO Geoff MacKay, who will finish up his two years of service at the ARM at  the close of the year.

“ARM has made tremendous progress in the five years since its inception, and I am honored to be elected Chairman of what has become the leading organization representing the gene and cell therapies sector,” Lanphier said in the statement. “I look forward to building upon the work that Geoff and the others who have come before me have initiated, and to leading the organization during such an important juncture for our field. During my term, I hope to continue the expansion ARM has recently experienced and further accelerate progress of these important products, ensuring these technologies achieve their potential and rapidly reach patients in need.”

Joining Lanphier as a new member of the ARM will be Dr. Robert Preti, who co-founded and served as president and chief scientific officer of Progenitor Cell Therapy as well as CSO fof NeoStem. Preti will take on the role of vice chairman.

The ARM will also welcome a whole host of elected executive committee members, including:

  • Dr. Rahul Aras, CEO and president of Juventas Therapeutics
  • Flagg Flanagan, CEO and chairman of DiscGenetics
  • Keith Thompson, CEO of Cell Therapy Catapult
  • Bernard Siegel, executive director  of the Genetics Policy Institute
  • Dr. Michael May CEO of the Centre for Commercialization of Regenerative Medicine
  • Dr. C. Randal Mills president of the California Institute for Regenerative Medicine

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