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Isto’s orthobiologic solutions help to fulfill needs that are often unmet in the product marketplace. These innovations focus on promoting a healthy recovery by supporting surgeon teams in their pursuit of wellness and empowering the body’s natural processes towards healing.


InQu®, a novel biosynthetic bone graft, creates a natural microenvironment that promotes new bone formation in spinal fusions and orthopedic procedures. With superb handling characteristics and predictable resorption, InQu offers benefits for a variety of applications.

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Influx® is a natural bone graft material made of 100% demineralized trabecular bone. It provides an osteoinductive, flexible scaffold that promotes cell growth, making it ideal for a variety of spinal and orthopedic surgeries.

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CellPoint uses a simple, automated process that enables clinicians to quickly recover nucleated cells, platelets, and other soluble factors in the form of concentrated bone marrow aspirate.

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