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Remembering the late Dr. Mitch Seyedin, former CEO of ISTO Technologies

Nov 12, 2014

Dr. Mitch Seyedin, former CEO and president of ISTO Technologies, passed away on Oct. 8, 2014.

In October, the regenerative medicine field lost a great man: Dr. Mitchell Seyedin. For more than a decade, he served as chief executive officer and executive chairman of ISTO Technologies, providing direction and guidance for important advancements in the field of cell therapy, among many other accomplishments. After a long and vigorous battle with pancreatic cancer, Seyedin passed away on Oct. 8, 2014, survived by his wife, Sara, and his children, Steven and Melissa.

The journal Orthopedics This Week paid tribute to the former CEO with a feature article, “In memoriam: Mitch Seyedin, Ph.D.,” giving readers insight into his dedication to the field and delightful character.

“His infectious enthusiasm for the science of regenerative medicine inspired thousands of physicians and orthopedic executives to join him in the great march to regenerative healing and in many ways fueled the development of this entire industry,” the feature said. “Mitch Seyedin’s passing leaves a large hole. His colleagues and business partners, all of whom he considered to be his friends, will miss his 1000 watt smile and the pure energy and passion he brought to building a brighter, better future for us all.”

Mitch’s contributions to the field
Seyedin’s long journey in regenerative medicine began with his academic career. The former ISTO CEO earned his bachelor’s degree in chemistry from the University of Wisconsin, River Falls, before going on to earn his doctoral degree in biological chemistry at the University of South Carolina, Columbia. He also served as a postdoctoral research fellow at the University of California, Berkeley.

He helped to bring multiple companies into existence that play a large role in the regenerative medicine field. Early on in his career, he co-founded the diagnostic company Metra Biosystems, Inc., and he quickly became a prominent name in the industry when he worked as the director of the Collagen Corporation’s Cellular Biochemistry Department. Here, he oversaw all aspects of growth factor research and tissue engineering, and he was awarded 11 patents.

Seyedin went on in his professional endeavors to found Orquest, Inc., a company specializing in bone and cartilage tissue engineering, and which has since become an integral part of Johnson & Johnson’s DePuy unit. He served as president and CEO of Orquest until 1996 and continued to contribute as a chairman and chief scientific officer for another three years. After that, he went on to co-found and serve as president and CEO for CBYON, which focuses on developing and marketing visualization and navigation systems to aid in minimally invasive surgical procedures.

Mitch’s contributions to ISTO Technologies
Seyedin joined ISTO Technologies as president and CEO starting in the autumn of 2003, bringing with him nearly a quarter-century of experience in medical research, product development and company leadership. As chief financial officer Scott Gill told Orthopedics This Week, Seyedin brought a sense of devotion and excitement with him to the workplace and everywhere he went.

“Mitch was passionate about everything he did and his enthusiasm about work and life was contagious,” Gill said. “You could spend five minutes speaking with him about something that he believed in and you would leave the conversation fully convinced that he would make it happen through creativity and determination. He balanced his exceptionally strong scientific mind with a keen sense for business but also a true compassion for the well-being of those that worked for and with him. Anyone that had the pleasure of knowing him or working with him is better off for that experience.”

Those interested in contributing to pancreatic cancer research can donate to the Mitchell Saeid Seyedin Pancreatic Cancer Fund.

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