Arteriocyte is now a part of Isto Biologics.

The Science of Isto

An intense understanding of human biology and years of rigorous research and precise testing create the infrastructure for all of our technologies.

Isto’s Scientific Foundation

The Core of Advancement

A thorough knowledge of how the body heals itself is essential to developing effective orthobiologic treatments, which take advantage of the body’s natural mechanisms to promote regeneration and growth. Isto’s products are deeply rooted in a comprehensive understanding of human biology and chemistry, rigorous scientific research, and clinical evidence. These breakthroughs go through years of testing, but they all start from the same foundation: the science.


The Building Blocks of Treatment

Isto’s unique biosynthetic platform combines two components with a safe and effective record of clinical use. Learn the science behind our InQu® technology, and how it’s being applied to support new bone growth in spine.

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Clinical Trials

Advance Your Recovery

Clinical trials advance medical knowledge and improve patient care. They are an essential step in determining the effectiveness and potential uses of our therapies and products.

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Supported Research

Partnering in Innovation

Isto’s revolutionary technologies are applicable to a broad spectrum of potential clinical uses in spine and orthopedics. By supporting investigator-initiated research, we enable clinicians to discover and explore new ways of using our solutions to heal.

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Innovation for all

Published evidence is a vital tool in strengthening and furthering scientific work. ISTO understands this, and endeavors to share its advanced findings for the good of patients, physicians, and the community as a whole.

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Building For The Future

“The expertise that we bring to market serves as a strong foundation for our technologies and differentiates us from our competitors. Everything we do is deeply rooted in science.”

— Jenny Reid, Isto Marketing Director

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