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Clinical Trials

ISTO Clinical Trials

How Patients Shape the Future of Treatment

ISTO is a company of continuous development and rapid advancement. We are constantly innovating, engineering new and exciting breakthroughs in restorative and regenerative medicine. We have ambitious goals for our products, and patient-centric clinical trials are an essential step in bringing our therapies to the many patients who need them.

Clinical trials advance medical knowledge and improve patient care. These studies follow strict protocols that protect patients and produce reliable data. They offer patients an opportunity to be on the cutting-edge of medicine, while allowing us to take one of the final necessary steps before making our potentially life-changing solutions available to the wider population. You will find our current clinical trial opportunities below.

Post-Market Clinical Trials

InQu Bone Graft Extender

ISTO is sponsoring a prospective clinical study evaluating InQu Bone Graft Extender in spinal fusion procedures, and is currently enrolling patients. Please contact us to learn more or to inquire about becoming involved with this clinical study. Or, visit to learn more about the InQu clinical study.

Investigative Clinical Trials


NuQu Cell-Based Therapy

ISTO is developing NuQu to alleviate back pain by resolving one of the major root causes: degenerated discs. Intended for use as an early treatment option for mild to moderate spinal disc degeneration, NuQu has the potential to repair disc structure and may prevent further deterioration.

In a Phase I clinical trial, 15 subjects were treated with NuQu and completed 3 years follow-up. Currently NuQu is being investigated in a Phase II randomized controlled trial of an additional 44 patients. Twelve month results should be available in early 2015. Learn more about our Phase II trial here.

RevaFlex Regenerative Cartilage Technology

A cartilage implant that is biologically comparable to the cartilage found in a young, healthy joint, RevaFlex is designed to reduce pain and restore function in the knee by regenerating healthy and durable cartilage. Through a small incision in the knee, the implant is affixed directly onto the cartilage defect using a commercially available sealant. Over time the implant integrates with the surrounding tissue.

RevaFlex subjects in a Phase I/II clinical trial in the United States have reached the five-year follow-up point. ISTO is currently preparing to begin the next phase of clinical development for this product.

For more information about any of our investigational or post-market opportunities, please contact ISTO Technologies Customer Service at 1-888-705-ISTO (4786).

All For One

“It’s a pleasure to work on projects that surgeons are excited about. Everyone wants to be involved, because they can see what’s possible and they don’t want to be left out.”

Michaela Purcell, ISTO Senior Director of Clinical Operations

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