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CellPoint® Concentrated Bone Marrow Aspirate System

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CellPoint is an automated, closed-loop system that enables clinicians to easily recover concentrated bone marrow aspirate.

The Unmet Need

Bone marrow aspirate provides a rich source of viable progenitor cells and other soluble factors, but the relative abundance of these elements within human bone marrow is low.

Isto’s Solution

The CellPoint system enables clinicians to quickly recover concentrated, patient-derived nucleated cells, platelets, and other soluble factors in the form of concentrated bone marrow aspirate (cBMA). Using a simple, automated process that requires no operator intervention, the system delivers reliable volume reduction and achieves typical total nucleated cells (TNC) concentration factors that are 3–6 times the baseline TNC concentration in BMA1.



CellPoint Concentrated Bone Marrow Aspirate System Performance*

* Isto internal analysis of CellPoint System Performance in 263 clinical procedures

CellPoint utilizes the most cutting-edge technology available, the Sepax 2 RM, along with a disposable cell separation kit, to create a fully automated closed-loop system for separating nucleated cells from bone marrow. An advanced optical sensor detects the cell fractions and eliminates the need for operator intervention to separate the nucleated cell layer. Platelet-poor plasma and hematocrit are extracted, and volume-reduced cBMA is delivered into a sterile final collection vial. With the addition of pre-loaded protocols and minimal set-up, CellPoint makes cBMA preparation easy.

The Advantages of CellPoint

  • Fully automated system enables consistent, repeatable performance
  • Specific cBMA-focused design delivers a high concentration of marrow-derived progenitor cells
  • Minimal set-up and rapid prep times of less than 20 minutes allow for quick and easy cBMA recovery
  • Universal cell separation kit offers flexiblity and cost savings for all processing volumes
  • Vertical elutriation mechanism precisely separates cells and extracts cBMA while maintaining high cell recovery and cell viability

To order

Call customer service at 1-888-705-ISTO (4786)

The CellPoint Procedure Pack Includes a cell separation kit and accessories required to aspirate and concentrate bone marrow.

  1. Data on file.

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