Autotransfusion is the process of collecting, filtering and washing a patient's own blood for reinfusion. This process can not only reduce the overall blood loss for a procedure but also decreases the chance of infection and increased length of stay often associated with the administration of third party blood products. Autotransfusion is beneficial in procedures with a high chance of blood loss as well as lower blood loss procedures for patients with higher morbidities. Autotransfusion can be used in conjunction with a wide array of complementary products that utilize the patient's own healing factors such as PRP and bone marrow concentration, thus providing a total blood management solution.

Common procedures that may benefit from autotransfusion include cardiac, orthopedic, vascular, trauma and obstetric procedures. Other procedures may utilize autotransfusion services depending on the specific needs of the patient. Autotransfusion may be utilized if a patient’s estimated blood loss is estimated to be greater than 300ml. Patients with low red blood cell volume as well as patients at a higher risk of bleeding or rare blood types are also good candidates for autotransfusion. New research quote.

The autotransfusion process consists of collecting, filtering, washing and reinfusion back to the patient.Collection of shed blood is obtained via a sterile suction line under negative pressure. This specially designed collection line mixes the shed blood with an anticoagulant solution to prevent the blood from clotting during the collection phase. The collected blood then passes through a filter in the collection reservoir. The blood then undergoes centrifugation to eliminate damaged blood components, washed with normal saline solution and prepared to be reinfused to the patient. The final blood product to be given back to the patient simply consists of red blood cells suspended in normal saline. The final product will consist of a concentration of red blood cells with nearly 99% of all non-red blood cell components eliminated.

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