The OrthoPAT is a perioperative autotransfusion system that can collect blood both during and after orthopedic surgery. The blood collected by the OrthoPAT system is filtered, centrifugally washed and then available to be reinfused to the surgical patient. The concentrated red cell product obtained from the OrthoPAT device may provide the patient with increased red blood cell concentration thus reducing the chance of receiving allogeneic blood and the comorbidities associated with the transfusion of allogeneic blood.

OrthoPat is used primarily during orthopedic surgery when the surgeon expects a moderate amount of intraoperative or post-operative blood loss. The OrtoPat can process salvaged blood from the surgical site a rate that is less than or equal to 2 liters per hour. OrthoPAT is indicated for patients who meet at least one of the following criteria: - The patient is expected to lose sufficient blood in the perioperative period as to require RBC transfusion, and autotransfusion will likely reduce or eliminate the need for allogeneic blood transfusion. - Religious beliefs cause the patient to refuse allogeneic transfusion but accept autologous transfusion. - Compatible allogeneic blood is not available. - The patient is unable to donate sufficient quantities of autologous blood prior to surgery to adequately cover the anticipated transfusion requirement. - The patient or physician prefers perioperative autotransfusion rather than preoperative autologous donation or transfusion of allogeneic blood.

Collection of shed blood is obtained via a sterile suction line under negative pressure. This specially designed collection line mixes the shed blood with an anticoagulant solution to prevent the blood from clotting during the collection phase. The collected blood then passes through a filter in the collection reservoir. The blood then undergoes centrifugation to eliminate damaged blood components, washed with normal saline solution and prepared to be reinfused to the patient. The final blood product to be given back to the patient simply consists of red blood cells suspended in normal saline. The final product will consist of a concentration of red blood cells with nearly 99% of all non-red blood cell components eliminated. The OrthoPAT device follows the patient throughout the intraoperative and postoperative settings, ensuring postoperative blood loss is minimized.

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