Cellular bOne matrix

Influx™ SPARC is a fully pliable, cellular-enriched allograft with a high concentration of growth factors for use in bone repair or reconstruction.

advanced technologies set SPARC apart


  • Cortical Fibers have undergone a demineralization process
  • Contribute highly conductive, natural scaffold for new bone generation1

Advanced Cell Cleansing

  • Proprietary processing preserves osteoprogenitor cells while removing red and white blood cells
  • Bone-derived cells are contained in cancellous chips


  • Cortical fiber DBM provides high quality osteoinductive signal2
  • Additional growth factors are preserved from bone lining cells and retained within the final product


  • 10-minute thaw time in room temperature water bath
  • DMSO Free: Immediately implantable upon thawing in a ready-to-use syringe

Cells. SIgnal. SPARC.

SPARC is an advanced, next generation Cellular Bone Matrix (CBM) that incorporates essential components for new bone development. A key advantage of SPARC is the conserved concentration of signal and cells necessary for bone formation.

SPARC contains growth factors captured from bone lining cells that are typically discarded in washing away the bone stroma of the cancellous bone. Native growth factors that can promote induction, angiogenesis, and scaffold proliferation and integration are found in SPARC and are some key contributors for the formation of bone.3 In the processing phase, these growth factors are preserved and available to contribute signaling for bone growth.