Influx_PLUS TM
Demineralized Bone Matrix

DBM putty

Influx™ PLUS is a DBM putty with an added biocomaptible carrier for superior handling. PLUS is offered in two forms, Flow and Crunch.

Meet PLUS Flow

Designed with superior performance in mind, PLUS Flow was engineered with a robust, biocompatible carrier resulting in exceptional handling.

Meet PLUS Crunch

Combines all the benefits of PLUS Flow with the addition of demineralized cortical chips to eliminate the need for intra-operative mixing. 

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Influx™ PLUS Flow is approved under 510(k) K130498. Influx™ PLUS Crunch is approved under 510(k) K150621.

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Influx PLUS Flow

Ready-to-use flowable putty available in 1 cc, 2.5 cc, 5 cc, and 10cc sizes.

Influx PLUS Crunch

Just like PLUS Flow, but with added cortical chips. Available in 2.5 cc, 5 cc, and 10 cc sizes.