Grafts derived from donor tissue.

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Isto Biologics offers three types of allografts designed with different characteristics to help your patients heal faster.

What is a Demineralized Bone Matrix?

DBMs are made from human bone that has been processed to remove its mineral content while preserving the collagen and growth factors. This results in a graft that is rich in bone morphogenetic proteins (BMPs) and other growth factors, which promote bone growth and regeneration.

Isto offers a variety of DBMs through the various Influx product lines, and come in multiple forms including:

Loose Fibers

What is a Functional Allograft?

Isto's patented and proprietary technology creates longer and stronger fibers that allow for fibers to be intertwined into configurations that provide powerful, flexible, and reliable solutions to meet physician needs as well as novel forms that have not been available until now.

Isto's line of Functional Allografts, known as Fibrant, is offered in the following forms:



What is an Integrative Bone Matrix?

There are three healing modalities needed to promote bone healing. Until recently, this combination of healing was only found in autograft. Today, there are advanced allografts that offer all three healing modalities.

Isto Biologics offers SPARC, a next generation, Integrative Bone Matrix that maintains everything that's important in a graft without sacrificing any key components in the process of making it.

Restored Signal
Fiber Scaffold
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