Precision Targeting for PRP

Concentrate without Compromise

Precise™ is a brand new, state of the art technology that delivers a final PRP product with precision cellular fractions upon concentration.

Meet Precise

Designed to keep patient and physician needs front and center, Precise™ allows for the removal of specific cell types without compromising platelet concentrations. Whether you’re looking for a Leukocyte Rich (LR) or Leukocyte Poor (LP) PRP, Precise™ has you covered.

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Precise Diamond

Cell Concentration Disposable Kit for Leukocyte Poor PRP.

Precise Sapphire

Cell Concentration Disposable Kit for Leukocyte Rich PRP.

Precision Targeting for Patient Care

Precise can achieve high platelet concentrations and desired monocyte levels while maintaining maximum reduction in red blood cells and granulocytes found in LP PRP. Final outputs maintain platelet concentrations above established therapeutic levels.1

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