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Biosynthetic Bone Graft

Faster fusion. Proven performance.

InQu® is the cell-friendly biosynthetic bone graft with proven clinical efficacy leading to faster bone fusion.

Meet InQu

InQu’s composition of a resorbable polymer, PLGA, integrated with a biologic molecule, hyaluronic acid, creates a biosynthetic scaffold ideal for bone regeneration.

A Faster Path to Healing

InQu partners with the body’s natural processes to form bone in a shorter period of time without inciting an immune response. In contrast, traditional synthetics rely on inflammation and recruitment of specialized cells to digest the mineral scaffold before new bone formation can begin.

Paste Mix Plus

Cohesive putty available in  2.5cc, 5cc and 10cc sizes.


Available as 5x5cm and 5x10cm moldable strips.


Available in 30cc as a graft extender.

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