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Autologous Concentration System

Built to concentrate.

The Magellan® is a thoughtfully designed autologous concentration system that delivers concentrated platelets and cells at the point of care.

Meet Magellan

Every patient has a unique biology with inherent variability, so you need a solution that is customized for each patient. Go beyond the standard of care and deliver a personalized biologic with the Magellan Autologous Concentration System.

Product Outputs

The human body has built in repair mechanisms (platelets, nucleated cells, growth factors, signaling proteins) to recover from tissue injury. Concentrating those cells at the bedside and delivering to an injury site may be beneficial in conjunction with the body's healing process.

Learn more about Magellan's autologous therapy outputs or contact a rep below.

Platelet Rich Plasma

From whole blood

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) therapy provides a concentration of a patient’s own platelets to accelerate the healing of injured tissues.

Concentrated Bone Marrow Aspirate

From bone marrow

A combination of platelets and bone marrow aspirate are typically collected from the hip bone (iliac crest) or tibia. Bone marrow can be concentrated to help repair or heal tissue.

Platelet Poor Plasma

From whole blood or bone marrow

Platelet-poor plasma is often used in medical and research settings as a source of proteins and other components

Concentration Process

Magellan allows clinicians to customize output volumes and concentration factors to meet their patients’ specific needs.

  • A single kit will process 30-60 mL of bone marrow and/or blood to produce a user-defined output volume, ranging between 3-10 mL.
  • Each kit is processed three times per patient, offering clinicians a cost-effective solution for processing bone marrow and/or blood.
  • Both PRP and MAR0 kits are available for use with the Magellan system.
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Proven to Concentrate Viable Progenitor Cells

Data featuring Magellan MAR0Max demonstrates increased concentrations of MSCs & HSCs


Cell Viability1


MSC & HSC Concentration2


Reduction in Red Blood Cells (RBC)2,3