A wave of bone growth

Influx is a natural bone graft material that provides osteoinductivity and promotes cell ingrowth.

A Host of Advantages


100% demineralized trebecular bone

Mechanism of Action

Osteoinductive, Osteoconductive, Enochondral bone formation

Lot-by-Lot Testing

Osteoinductive potential verified in vivo for every lot, post-sterilization


Flexible, malleable graft to meet a variety of surgical needs


Radiolucent to aid in visualization of new bone growth


Device-level sterility assurance (SAL of 10-6)


Absorbs 50% of its volume in liquid (e.g., blood, bone marrow aspirate or concentrate)

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Flex Your Options

Influx is available in sterile strip, block and grain configurations, with handling characteristics to cover a variety of spinal and orthopedic procedures.

Influx Strip

Available as 26x19x7mm, 50x10x7mm, and 50x15x7mm.

Influx Block

Available as 12mm and 14mm.

Influx Grains

Available as 5cc, 10cc and 30cc.

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