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The MAGELLAN® is an autologous concentration system that delivers concentrated platelets and cells at the point of care.

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The Push Of A Button

Sample Feature One

Simple one-button start for ease of use

Sample Feature Two

Minimal breaks in sterile barrier promote safety

Sample Feature Three

Works with optical sensors to tailor processing parameters based on each patient's hematocrit

Sample Feature Four

Identify the cellular fraction to eliminate error and optimize results

Sample Feature Five

Allows users to define desired therapeutic volumes (3-10 mL per cycle)

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deliver  personalized medicine

Every patient has a unique biology with inherent variability, so you need a solution that is customized for each patient. Go beyond the standard of care and deliver a personalized biologic with the Magellan® Autologous Concentration System.

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Fully-automated, closed system produces consistent and reproducible output requiring no manual extraction

Box 2 Title

Optimized to provide high concentrations of platelets, progenitor cells, and platelet-associated growth factors in low final output volume2

Box 3 Title

A single disposable kit can process up to three cycles per patient, offering a cost-effective solution

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Adaptive technology adjusts processing times based on patient’s specific blood and marrow composition

Box 5 Title

Flexibility to process both bone marrow aspirate and whole blood at the point-of-care

Box 6 Title

Achieves concentration factors up to 14 times baseline9