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Isto Announces New Peer-Reviewed Publication Demonstrating Superior Clinical Efficacy for InQu®

ISTO Technologies, Inc., a privately-held orthobiologic regenerative medicine company, announces the publication of positive clinical results reported for InQu® Bone Graft Extender & Substitute in a comparative study of two bone graft materials in posterolateral lumbar fusion. This peer-reviewed publication contributes to the growing body of clinical evidence for InQu and advances the InQu clinical program.

Frontiers in Surgery published the note-worthy research from Orthopedic Spine Surgeon Geoffrey Stewart, M.D. titled: “Within Patient Radiological Comparative Analysis of the Performance of Two Bone Graft Extenders Utilized in Posterolateral Lumbar Fusion: A Retrospective Case Series.” Results demonstrate that InQu supports statistically significant faster fusion when compared to beta-tricalcium phosphate (β-TCP) and higher overall fusion rates at 12 months: 93% vs. 68%.

Dr. Stewart’s clinical study provides valuable comparative data which may be beneficial to Orthopedic and Neuro Spine Surgeons when trying to determine which bone graft material is the best choice for their patients. “The market comprises a wide array of synthetic bone graft substitutes. Physicians must make an educated decision about which of the greater than 150 options can safely and effectively promote bone healing. The reported side-by-side comparison of osteoconductive bone grafts differing in chemical composition provides unique insight into their mode of action. I am excited to see that InQu, which drives bone growth through endochondral ossification, demonstrated rapid graft consolidation and maintenance of bone volume supporting instrumented posterolateral arthrodesis,” said H. Davis Adkisson, Chief Scientific Officer for ISTO. This research elucidates how InQu’s novel biosynthetic composition translates to clinical results and further validates clinical efficacy for InQu used on-label. “InQu is unique in that it has a broad label indication and does not contain a calcium phosphate salt, which according to recent reports can impede cell binding kinetics. I am pleased to see that InQu is clinically proven to produce bone in a shorter period of time than TCP-containing ceramics, in agreement with my clinical experience,” commented Samuel R. Bowen II, M.D., Neurosurgeon at Birmingham Neurosurgery & Spine Group PC.

The publication of another peer-reviewed study demonstrating proven clinical outcomes for InQu reinforces ISTO’s commitment to offering safe, cost-effective orthobiologic products backed by science.

Learn more about  InQu, a proven bone graft extender.

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