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Isto Biologics Named 2023 Top Orthopedic Solution Provider

Isto Biologics, A New Frontier in Bone Regeneration and Cell-Based Therapies 

Isto Biologics, a leading orthobiologics company dedicated to helping patients heal faster, has been named a 2023 Top 10 Orthopedic Solution Provider by MedTech Outlook for exhibiting innovative technologies that can effectively address the evolving challenges in the orthopedics space.

Orthopedics has made tremendous advances in the last two decades with pioneering techniques and state-of-the-art technologies to enhance patient care and improve outcomes. However, even with cutting-edge resources such as advanced imaging technologies, robotics, hardware, and minimally invasive surgical techniques, orthopedic surgeons may still require alternative treatment options.

Orthobiologics—a branch of regenerative medicine—has the potential to significantly improve patient outcomes by promoting healing and accelerating recovery times.

Isto Biologics is at the forefront of orthobiologic innovations, leading the development of regenerative technologies and innovative solutions to help patients heal faster.

From its roots in autologous therapies, the firm has evolved into a pure-play biologics company, expanding its focus from cell signaling to the critical scaffolding required to support it. While tissue repair still remains at the core of its business model, the firm adapted to this shift in the bone repair space by utilizing allograft donor tissue as the scaffold source.

“Remaining agnostic to the fixation component of bone repair and focusing on cell signaling and scaffolding resonates with our mission, particularly as surgeons become more articulate in the value of the cell source and cell signaling,” says Don Brown, CEO of Isto Biologics.

Their commitment to delivering market-leading solutions to surgeons remains unwavering, as demonstrated in Isto’s impressive portfolio of cutting-edge products. Through an evolving lineup of autologous therapies, allograft tissue products, and biosynthetic bone grafts, Isto is breaking new ground in tip-to-tail spinal fusions and foot-ankle surgery. 

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At the forefront of their offerings is the Magellan® line, which enables surgeons to harness the therapeutic potential of cell-based therapies like PRP and cBMA to promote tissue repair and bone formation around the surgical site. Isto also offers innovative bone graft solutions through their Influx™ and InQu® lines, both of which promote new tissue growth to treat injuries caused by trauma, overuse, or prior surgical procedures.

The firm recently launched Fibrant™, a line of functional allograft constructs made from 100% cortical fibers. Due to the proprietary nature of Fibrant’s longer and stronger fiber technology, Isto is able to offer several types of bone grafts for procedures that have had limited solutions in the past. The Fibrant line includes five items, two of which stand out due to their novel characteristics and healing potential. The Fibrant Anchor is a 100% cortical allograft fixation sleeve that provides ultimate strength and stability for pedicle screws. The Fibrant Pak is a cortical fiber pouch that sets a new standard for graft delivery and containment, given the pouch itself is 100% graft.

We are continuously looking to propel the field of orthobiologics forward and pride ourselves on not only providing great products, but also being a resource for surgeons,” says Brian Barnes, President of Isto Biologics

As Isto stands committed to pioneering advancements both organically and through collaborations, the firm is gearing up to unveil the latest development in its PRP and concentrated marrow technology this summer. This new innovation, known as Precise, will enable greater flexibility for different treatments by allowing the removal of specific cell types without compromising platelet concentrations.

Isto Biologics recognizes the wealth of possibilities that lie ahead and remains committed to its devotion to helping patients heal faster. “We are continuously looking to propel the field of orthobiologics forward and pride ourselves on not only providing great products, but also being a resource for surgeons,” says Brian Barnes, president of Isto Biologics.

To learn more about how Isto Biologics is pioneering the use of biologic solutions to enable rapid bone healing, visit their MedTech Outlook profile here.

About Isto Biologics

Isto Biologics is a leading biologics and cellular therapy company in the orthopedic space. Isto Biologics is focused on Helping Patients Heal Faster™ through innovative solutions for bone regeneration and cell-based therapies. The company's flagship product offerings include the market-leading Magellan® Autologous Platelet Separator, and bone graft products including InQu® Bone Graft Extender & Substitute, and the Influx™ product family.

For more information, visit  istobiologics.com 

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