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Regenerative Medicine Educational Reception

Cocktails with Experts in Regenerative Medicine

We’re proud to announce the next installment of our Regenerative Medicine Educational Series in Las Vegas, NV on March 13, 2019.

Our semi-annual peer-to-peer events explore physician-focused topics regarding the advancements in biologics and autologous therapy in medicine. This most recent event features one-on-one learning from physicians representing various disciplines, hands-on demonstration stations from our very own experts, and an open dialogue about developing topics and industry technology.

At this event, we’re going to give attendees an early preview of our new Influx Cortical Fibers product and we’ll be featuring subject matter experts in the following regenerative medicine disciplines:

  • Spine & Orthopedic Surgery
  • Pain Management / Sports Injuries
  • Traumatology / Emergency Medicine
  • Autologous Cell Therapy Science & Research

Panel of Experts

Joseph McGinley, MD, PhD
Musculoskeletal Radiology, Sports Medicine & Regenerative Medicine
Casper, Wyoming

Dr. McGinley specializes in Musculoskeletal Radiology, Sports Medicine and Regenerative Medicine. His practice focuses on the specialized treatment of sports & other musculoskeletal related injuries, as well as, physician training programs. They utilize a unique model integrating cutting edge, advanced technologies with a patient-centered, problem-solving approach.

Louis Keppler, MD
Orthopedic Spine Surgeon, Total Joints, Spine, Sports Medicine & Regenerative Medicine
Cleveland, OH

Dr. Keppler has over 30 years of experience in orthopedic care and surgery. His broad clinical practice encompasses sports medicine, spinal reconstructive surgery, scoliosis surgery and joint replacement. His treatment methods span from regenerative medicine to specialized surgeries to help restore function and pain-free movement.

Dzihan Abazovic, MD
Emergency Medicine, Traumatology & Regenerative Medicine

Dr. Abazovic specializes in Emergency Medicine, Traumatology and Regenerative Medicine. He has focused on regenerative medicine throughout his career gaining valuable knowledge in clinical genetics, intercellular signaling and progenitor cells. His more than 4000 Platelet Rich Plasma & Concentrated Bone Marrow Treatments include orthopedics, wound care, neurology, open heart surgery and aesthetics.

In addition to the experienced physician panel, we will have our very own experts available to conduct hands-on product demonstrations and to answer any questions. We look forward to another successful event!

For questions or inquiries about the event, please contact:

Jen Smith
Event Director
Email: jensmith@istobiologics.com

educational reception

Main image courtesy of: Canaletto Ristorante Veneto

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